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If your costume character involves make-up or body art, we have a limited stock of basic theatrical make-up materials and colours onsite, and we can usually provide appropriate charts/pictures (or demonstrations) and instructions with the costume. The internet, notably YouTube offers a wide range of online tutorials on creating characters, but if necessary, we may even be able to help with the creation of your required look, either at our premises or 'on site', although obviously this is subject to availability and may involve extra costs.

Thinking of Inking?

Some costumes may benefit from body art such as tattoos (eg Lizabeth Salander, the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Our temporary tattoo system offers a range of stencil-based designs which could be suitable for this purpose (and it may be possible to create others with sufficient advance warning). As they last for several days, they can be applied prior to the day of the event itself. Although we do not use henna in any form, it may be possible to recreate a henna-style design using other resources if necessary.

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