Making a return to popularity thanks to recently released new music and a 'virtual show' in 2022, we present ideas for an Abba theme


There are some themes that favour the males (Star Wars & James Bond spring to mind) and there those that favour females, and the Abba theme is one of those. Okay, it’s The Seventies in a different guise and male groups and icons did exist in the 1970s, but when it comes to Abba, it’s the girls Agnetha and Anni-Frid who everyone remembers - the music masters Bjorn and Benny kept in the background.

Not everyone favours the glitter jumpsuit , platforms and flares approach when it comes to the Abba theme, so here’s an attempt at giving yourself a few other options:

For extreme pushing of envelopes, disguise yourself as an Australian native (taking care not to offend the PC brigade), get a didgeridoo and learn to play ‘Dancing Queen’(or another Abba classic) – that’s Abbarigonal. (Abba did also record a song ‘Bang-a-Boomerang’ in 1979, but we’ll leave that to your imagination).

For a more restrained approach, the key to some abbariginolity is in the songs.

Waterloo – Napoleon outfit

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do – A wedding couple

Ring, Ring – A telephone (obviously), but you could make do with a couple of hoops.

Take A Chance on Me – Gambler/Lady Luck

Money, Money Money – Gambler, Money Bunny.

Nina, Pretty Ballerina – Ballerina

Super Trouper – Star Wars Stormtrooper – one costume males might be happy to wear!

Tiger – Tiger

Voulez-Vous – Saloon Girl (the link being the Lady Marmalade ‘Voulez –Vous Couchez Avec Moi Ce Soir)

Want to go more obscure with your costume? Try these

Gorilla - King Kong Song (Waterloo -74)

Puppet - I’m A Marionette (Abba: The Album - 1977)

Grass Skirt & Leii – Happy Hawaii (Arrival – 1976)

The Girl With The Golden Hair – Abba film/musica