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It is 50 years since Abba' s Eurovision win with 'Waterloo' at the Brighton Dome. They continue to be popular thanks to released new music in 2022 and the Voyage 'virtual show', plus, of course, the enduring popularity of the Mamma Mia films. Here are ideas for an Abba theme.


There are some themes that favour the males (Star Wars & James Bond spring to mind) and there those that favour females, and the Abba theme is one of those. Okay, it’s The Seventies in a different guise and male groups and icons did exist in the 1970s, but when it comes to Abba, it’s the girls Agnetha and Anni-Frid who everyone remembers - the music masters Bjorn and Benny kept in the background.

Not everyone favours the glitter jumpsuit , platforms and flares approach when it comes to the Abba theme, so here’s an attempt at giving yourself a few other options:

For extreme pushing of envelopes, disguise yourself as an Australian native (taking care not to offend the PC brigade), get a didgeridoo and learn to play ‘Dancing Queen’(or another Abba classic) – that’s Abbarigonal. (Abba did also record a song ‘Bang-a-Boomerang’ in 1979, but we’ll leave that to your imagination).

For a more restrained approach, the key to some abbariginolity is in the songs.

Waterloo – Napoleon outfit

I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do – A wedding couple

Ring, Ring – A telephone (obviously), but you could make do with a couple of hoops.

Take A Chance on Me – Gambler/Lady Luck

Money, Money Money – Gambler, Money Bunny.

Nina, Pretty Ballerina – Ballerina

Super Trouper – Star Wars Stormtrooper – one costume males might be happy to wear!

Tiger – Tiger

Voulez-Vous – Saloon Girl (the link being the Lady Marmalade ‘Voulez –Vous Couchez Avec Moi Ce Soir)

Want to go more obscure with your costume? Try these

Gorilla - King Kong Song (Waterloo -74)

Puppet - I’m A Marionette (Abba: The Album - 1977)

Grass Skirt & Leii – Happy Hawaii (Arrival – 1976)

The Girl With The Golden Hair – Abba film/musical


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