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World Book Day this year (2024) is on Thursday 7th March , and celebrations involve the distribution of free books and book tokens, as well as other events and activities. It is also possible that some schools may combine Book Day with other events such as Comic Relief.(Friday 15th March in 2024 ) or alternatively fundraising in connection with other good causes.
Below, we have a selection of grouped outfits for book characters, from traditional to more modern.

If you want this page with the individual outfits in alphabetic order, click, go to the Book Day 2024 page here.

Alice in Wonderland - 24.jpg
Peter Pan - 24.jpg
Horrid Henry Cat in Hat Tiger.jpg
Roald Dahl Characters -24.jpg
Wizard of Oz -24.jpg
Robin Hood - 24.jpg
Myths & Legends - 24.jpg
Heidi & Snowman.jpg
Musketeer - 24.jpg
Dracula - 24.jpg
Sherlock Holmes - 24.jpg
Treasure Island Pirate - 24.jpg
Pinnochio to Belle - 24.jpg
Cruella & Dalmatian.jpg
Cat in the Hat To Sylvester -24.jpg
12A  Dickens Victoriana - 24.jpg
11 A  Horrible Histories - 24.jpg
14 A Myth and Legends -24.jpg
Witches Wizard.jpg
9a Scary Goosebumps -24.jpg
15 A Tales of Foreign Lands - 24.jpg
Harry Potter Characters - 24.jpg
13 A Folk & Nursery Rhyme -24.jpg
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