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As an accompaniment to costumes, or to help you with an outfit you are putting together yourself, we have a wide range of accessories to buy.


Although we are not a shop, our sale stock is constantly changing, so if you do require individual items it may be worth contacting us. Even if we cannot help, we may know someone who can.


Over the next few weeks we will be adding content to the Accessory Categories below.

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Note: The Accessories Pages on both sites are being modified, so required information may be temporarily unavailable.

General Accessories

Tights, masks, hats and spectacles all add that certain something to a costume


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Mullet - sandy blonde.JPG
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Alice Cooper 22041.jpg


Wigs tend to come in 'one-size fits all adults' -

few come in child sizes


There are a wide range of natural colours and styles available - some directly related to a given character

(eg. A Beatles/60s wig may come branded

as an Austin Powers wig)


There are also an increasingly diverse selection of wigs in weird styles and wild colours because of the rise of Cosplay and Anime. 

Beards Moustaches & Facial Hair

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