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Clown Shoes JPG.jpg
Clown Make-up - water-base.jpg

The two products above are by Snazeroo
and feature water-base make-up colours.
If you are looking for a white face base with
depth of colour, use creme/grease-based
Clown White products.
Your face base will need powdering
after use to allow detailing in other colours
on top. Alternatively, you can keep your detail areas clear of white and use a cotton bud to clean overlaps.,



For clown hair, the red Pop Wig style, as shown here, is popular, but Pop Wigs and Clown Wigs can come in many colours.

Alternatively you can use what you've got  already and back-comb and colour your hair with hair-sprays. These colours brush or wash out, but note that if your hair has been treated or coloured before, it may 'take' the colours better and may linger a little longer.

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