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Our Animal, Insect and Creature costumes. Note that many of this selection are 'enclosed' or use overhead masks. To this end, they are not as easy to wear as more conventional costumes and, being bulky and fur-based, are also more expensive to hire!

The animals are grouped into categories. In each case, click on the category to enlarge it.
In some cases, it may be possible to mix 'n' match to create other animals and creatures.



Cats 1.jpg
Big Cats 2.jpg

You can find an additional 'Cats'
theme page here

Animals = Mammals Mouse addition Jan 24.jpg
Animals - Two Person correction Jan 24.jpg
Farmyard Animals.jpg
Animals - Extinct Stp in Dinosaur Add.jpg
Woodland & Field 1.jpg
Woodland & Field 2.jpg
Jungle Animals.jpg
Amphibians & Reptiles.jpg
Insects 2.jpg
Insects 1.jpg
Farmyard Birds.jpg
Birds 1.jpg
Birds 2.jpg
Fantasy Animals 1.jpg
Fantasy Animals 2a.jpg
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