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Creative Costuming


Anyone can buy a costume, either from a shop or over the Internet. It's what you do with it that matters.

Trends and internet purchases mean others may turn up in the same outfit, so customisation is King (or Queen).

You want to stand out.


'Salome' has chosen to upgrade a basic belly-dance outfit by hiring a latex armour ensemble to create a more striking effect. (The cream-horn finger extensions (Model's own) were a nice touch).

Different ways to look good



Faced with a Mexican theme, our party-goer chooses a very simple costume mash-up involving a basic dinosaur outfit with poncho and sombrero accessories - the Tyrannosaurus Mex!

Tyrannosaurus Mex ac0715.JPG
Total transformation
Here costumes, accessories and make-up have been combined for unique creative effect:
'Android Girl' had her phaser set to 'stun' for
a Space party.
Meanwhile, the full-makeover felines were on a fundraising fun-run for their company. 
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