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‘Comedy’ is rather a broad theme area - Are we talking comedians? Comedy films? Comedy theatre, such as Pantomime? People looking funny through costume & make-up? Obviously there's more to comedy than just putting on a costume or adopting a mannerism or catchphrase, but the following may be useful suggestions:


Some comedians can raise a laugh just by their presence - Tommy Cooper was one (another was Eric Morecambe). Others use a distinctive look (Harry Hill) or a catchphrases and routines - Max Wall was doing a 'silly walk' long before John Cleese and Monty Python. The trick here is to get the required likeness, and this can be helped with the new range of celebrity cardboard masks


Charlie Chaplin ac0250.JPG

Charlie Chaplin- Pioneer of Silent Sreen comedy


Groucho ac0481 .JPG
Betty Boop ac1249.jpg
Austin Powers (Blue Suit) PNG.png
Elf ac1390.jpg
The Mask ac0467 .jpg

 Groucho Marx- Master of the one-liners from the Marx Brothers comedy films


 Buddy the Elf- Seasonal comedy favourite


 Austen Powers- Man of Mystery and star of a series of James-Bond-style spoofs


The Mask- The film that launched Jim Carrey on the world


Comedy Films - A small selection of characters (see also Movies)

 Betty Boop- Cartoon character-cum-sex symbol of the 1930s whose misadventures were rather racy (for the time).


Carry On Films

A series of slightly saucy films featuring an array of  (mostly) British Comedy talent

Cleo (Sexy) 2.png
Cowboy Black 2 ac1387.JPG
Regency Gent - Pimpernel ac0523.jpg
Nurse ac1046 & ac1047.JPG
Elvira -2.png
Carry On Cleo
Carry On Cowboy
Carry On Don't Lose Your Head
Carry On Nurse
Carry On Screaming


(Situation Comedies)
Sitcoms can be set in time periods (a single one such as Roman Ancient Times (Up Pompeii, Plebs), 1930s (’Allo, Allo) or 1950s (Hi De Hi), a variety, as in  Black Adder - Medieval, Tudor, Georgian and World War I. or two at the same time Goodnight Sweetheart.
Some may be set in a particular environment, such as Home (My Family, Butterflies), The Office (The Office) or Deep Space (Red Dwarf). Others may centre on a group of characters, such Only Fools & Horses or Ab Fab, with Edina and Patsy as fashionistas at play.


Sitcom Cartoon Characters

The Flintstones was the first sitcom cartoon. Nowadays shows such as The Simpsons and Family Guy offer modern-day cartoon comedy. The only complication is that by their cartoon nature, costumes usually feature full-face overhead masks. See also Cartoons & Animation


Fred Flintstone ac1404.jpg
Wilma Flintstone ac0619 .JPG
Dame (Striped & Spotty) ac0162.JPG

Comedy Theatre
Aside from Farce, a genre featuring mishaps, misunderstandings and, occasionally, people running around in underwear or losing clothes, the other major form of comedy theatre is Pantomime. This uniquely British seasonal entertainment involves telling a well-known fairy tale with the help of cross-dressing characters, slapstick routines and outbreaks on song and dance. Panto Dames (no longer just for males (?)), Brokers’ Men and sundry characters special to individual stories all contribute to the fun (Oh yes they do!). Use this link for more on Pantomime characters


Prince Charming ac0174.JPG

Self-explanatory artisans of comedy
albeit with a limited appeal to some.

Other Clown outfits can found on the Circus & Showman page



The comedian Russ Abbott's comedy TV programmes featured 'wobbly' characters, notably Fatman and Blunderwoman, and hooped costume look is comical in many contexts. In these Politically Correct days, some are concerned with the overtones of 'body-shaming such costumes may represent but most take them in the intended spirit of fun


Tweedledum & Dee ac1229-30.JPG
Wobbly Mountie ac0311.JPG
Clown (Striped) ac0255 & ac253 & ac254.JPG
Clown (Tailcoat) ac0258.JPG
Clown Multicolour Harlequin.png
Wobbly Policeman ac0384.JPG
Gangster (Bigsy) ac1127.JPG
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