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Whilst she qualifies as a true Book & Movie Character, whether Cruella de Vil also has a part in our Halloween collection is up for debate: She has continued to fascinate as a popular love-to-hate character for many years.

We can't match the extensive choice of outfits seen in the Cruella origins film of 2022, for which a sequel is planned, but we do, unusually, have a number of Cruella-style outfits and wigs to help create your inner diva.

Cruella de Vil 2 ac0721.JPG
Cruella de Vil 3 (Cape) ac0881.JPG
Cruella 5 ac1190.JPG
Black White Trendy BW565.JPG
Half black, half white
wigs come in various styles
-aside from those illustrated
others versions may
be available

Plenty of help on various make-up designs is available on YouTube and the like. These are some examples (Clicking the pic usually activates the link):.

We are currently not intending to add new Cruella costumes to our collection. This is a location from which to you might purchase costumes based on the Cruella film outfits. These links do not denote endorsement, but we find many cosplay suppliers more trustful than some ordinary costume internet suppliers, although delivery times may be longer.


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