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Since you pushed the button, here's a further explanation...

As our product is hire costumes - we have two thousand of them - customers usually like to see what's available. The starting point is either the A-Z collections or the Themes. Problem is, some letters and themes have quite a few outfits and if you are viewing on a phone or handheld you'd do a lot of scrolling and zooming. So we think for the Cartoon & Animation Theme (for example) this....... better than this, which is why we're increasingly using Flip-folio on this site.

Cartoons Animation 1.jpg
Cartoons Animation 2.jpg

The choice is yours, but where there's a Flip-folio alternative page on our other site, use this button to get there.


Where there is an alternative version of a page on this site, this green button will take you there. 

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