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In this section we cover glasses and eyewear which help create a character. There are many different styles, and the list is not exhaustive, but here are some examples

The Harry Potter style. Thse may also come in a round wire-rimmed style.

Such glasses may also be used for Where's Wally and a Nerd/Genius character

Monocle - Gents PNG.png

The monocle accessory is frequently used for aristocratic characters, explorers or others wishing to give themselves a touch of the upper-class, especially Victorians & Edwardians. As a rule, monocles are only worn by males - females may prefer pinz-nez style small glasses.

Square Wire Rim Glasses.png

This style is often associated with Prof. Dumbledore of Hogwarts or Country Vicars.

A variation in the half-moon style can also be found

Lennon Style Wire Rim - Colours PNG.png

The wire-rim coloured style is propably most commonly associated with the 1960s, Hippies and John Lennon of The Beatles

1950s Pink Winged.png

Winged and diamente-style, usually associated with the 1950s

Black Rim glasses, possibly best associated with Austin Powers, International Superspy but also seen in other films featuring Michael Caine

Elvis-style Rayban BA243-4.JPG

Rock Star glasses - principally associated with Elvis.

Wrap-around Sunglasses, as seen in The Terminator, Men in Black and Matrix movies

..And over-the-top Sunglasses for the likes of Elton John, Timmy Mallett and Hippies

Blues Bros BA233.JPG
Sunflowere shades BA433.JPG
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