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Aside from whatever make-up products you might have for everyday use yourself, the make-up/face-paint you can use to help your cosplay/fancy-dress generally comes in two types: Water base/activated and creme (similar to what used to be greasepaint). There are also liquid-style products, usually associated with body-paint and airbrush make-ups.

The principal difference is that water-base is easier to use, but creme-base can offer a greater depth of colour (for eg. clowns) although it usually needs powdering to set it so other colours can be applied.

Creme Make-up.jpg

We are not a shop so we do not carry large stocks or varieties of make-up products but these notes may help when seeking make-up/face paint items.

Two-colour palettes.JPG
water base indiv colours png.png

For water-base, Snazaroo is a well-known name, and, as seen here, individual 'cakes',  duo-colour palettes and character kits are available

Snazeroo Kits Clown & Dracula.JPG
Snazeroo Dracula & Devil.JPG
GID Cream Make-up MU122.jpg
Fake Skin.jpg

For zombies etc., products such as 'Fake Skin' can be popular. They are based on latex which, once dried, can be puckered and torn to give a suitably ravaged look.NB This product should be used on smooth, shaven skin to avoid discomfort at removal time!.

An alternative product, not so easily found and more expensive, is this Gelfix product (below) which is melted in the bag and then spread on the skin.

gelfix png.png
Fixier Spray.jpg

Whilst creme make-up can be set with powder, it is possible to make make-up creations in both formats more durable (and potentially water-proof) with this specialist Fixier spray.

Putty & Eyebrow wax.jpg

Although there are ready-made latex or foam prosthetics for facial changes on the market, some can still make use of nose-putty (left). In the meantime, whilst a simple hack for preparing eyebrows for over-painting involves using soap tp flatten them, there is a professional eyebrow wax product to be found (right).

Black Nail Polish & Lipstick MU131.jpg

For lips and nails, although there are many costume related items on the market, most cosmetic ranges now include a far wider range of colours than previuosly - it's all a matterof price and availability

lipstick colours.png
sponges png.png

For application of paint and make-up, there are plenty of cosmetics outlets offering brushes and sponges in various configurations. The less easily found sponge is the black one seen here: The Stipple Sponge, useful for the unshaven look on pirates! 

toupe tape png.png

In theory, Toupee Tape (a sort of double-side sticky tape) is used to secure wigs where there is no hair or wig cap to anchor to. It can also be used as 'tit tape' to ensure a low cut costume does not suffer a wardrobe malfunction.

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