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New to Hiring?
With Internet delivery sometimes becoming less reliable, you might decide on the hiring option...

1. Look at our extensive website. There are two main focus points, the Costumes A-Z (usual for events that concentrate on first letter of hosts/guests names) or our Themes A-Z where your themed event could match one of the sixty-plus costume collections. Even with no theme, you may still get inspiration from the pictures, and find an outfit you have always wanted to try. Bear in mind factors such as if your event is indoors or outdoors, weather/temperature, practicality (overhead masks do not always work well for parties) and, sometimes overlooked, your potential travel arrangements

2. Note the name and/or number of the costume(s) you are interested in. We don't have much browsing space, so it helps to know what you might want in advance.

3. If you are phoning/emailing an enquiry, details of your size and the date of your event are useful.

4. Antrix is based in private premises – a house, not a shop (appearances are deceptive!) with limited space. It helps if you can make an appointment so you have our undivided attention. If you turn up 'on spec', we may well be available, but we might not be able to help you, quite so quickly.

5. If you decide not to take up an appointment, or you are running late, it helps to let us know.

6. We usually allow an hour per appointment but this can be flexible. We want you to get an outfit you are happy with, so you can mix and match as necessary.

7. Prices average £25, but this may vary due to accessories, cleaning costs, etc..

8. When collecting costume(s) we charge an additional refundable £50 per hire. This does not cover the cost of outfits, it is more of an incentive to return. See our Terms and Conditions (on the website and back of the hire form) for more information on this.

9. If you are choosing some time before your event, a £5 (£10 New Year's Eve) non-refundable booking fee secures the item(s). The fee is deducted from the eventual hire cost.

10. Payment is by cash, cheque (backed by card) or debit/credit card/contactless. If the deposit is put on card, there is a £2 admin fee, as we refund the deposit in cash.

11. Once outfits have left the premises, your hire period has started and they are your responsibility. In the event of damage, please do not attempt repairs. Also do not wash/clean outfits – just put everything back in its bag(s) and return them. To ensure no problems, we check everything on return, prior to cleaning, repairing & making sure the outfit is ready for its next outing! NOTE: If you find you have had to make alterations such as tacking up hems, please tell us (as we don't always notice this). We can then restore outfits to their initial state.

12. We hope you find hiring an enjoyable experience. If you did, a Google comment/rating is always most welcome.

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