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Try before you buy,

                  or perhaps not.....
Online retailers are reviewing their policy of allowing customers to buy multiple items and then return what they do not want or does not fit. Problem is that there is increasingly evidence that buyers are using items and then returning them so they get their money back. (Bit like hiring really, but trying to do it for free). Unfortunately this sort of behaviour has led to many online retailers suspending their ‘free returns’ policy or  reviewing buyer behaviour with the threat of suspending accounts.

The concept of buying something without trying it, especially clothes and shoes, seems strange, but in these time-poor, internet-driven days, it’s a sign of the times. The situation is also not helped by ‘vanity sizings': It is well known that sizing does vary between retailers/manufacturers and, of course, in the costume trade, with pre-packed outfits we have the ‘one size fits all’ designation (which usually doesn’t – a fact which is now finally being recognised by manufacturers). The online retailers  have tried to get round the problem with free returns, but with people abusing the system, this benefit may soon be lost.


We, of course, are biased and would point out that by going to a hire outlet, not only can you try outfits on before you buy (well, hire more usually), but you can mix and match with other costume and accessory elements to get the look you want and not just the one you are given out of the packet. And don’t get us started on things that appear on the internet costume picture but are not ‘in the packet’ – it may be a good way to cut costuming costs but it can cause problems if you do not have all you need to get the right look. 

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