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The Rocky Horror Show was originally an offbeat musical performed in a disused cinema in the 1970s. The setting suited the spirit of the piece which was inspired by classic horror, sci-fi movies of the 50s and Rock ‘n’ Roll


The story is loosely based on the Frankenstein story, and features a couple who, returning from a wedding, are stranded by a puncture in a storm. They take refuge at the nearby residence of a scientist and find themselves involved in an experience which changes the lives of all involved


The musical became a film which didn’t do much box office until an American cinema started showing it as a ‘late night double feature’ with the Mel Brooks classic ‘Young Frankenstein’, after which it became a cult.

Although British audiences, brought up on Pantomimes, were used to audience involvement,(and it is more common-place nowadays with juke-box musicals), at the time, a production where the audience could be involved through dressing up as the characters, a ‘heckle-script’ and use of props – newspapers, water-pistols and toilet roles, etc- at key moments - was a novelty. (It’s also what puts some theatres and cinemas off hosting the show !)


The stage show tours regularly but rarely reaches the Maidstone & Medway area (Chatham never recovered from its last visit in the 1980s), therefore your potential ‘local’ locations are Brighton, Bromley and Dartford (also Canterbury occasionally). A full list of locations and dates can usually be found at


Don’t dream it, be it in this selection of outfits inspired by the Show


Frank N Furter ac0569.JPG
Frank N Furter A/C 0569
Riff-Raff (Rocky Horror) AC0946.JPG
Columbia (Rocky Horror) ac0870.JPG
Columbia A/C 0870
Riff-Raff A/C 0946
Magenta (Rocky Horror) ac0871.jpg
Magenta A/C 0871
Rocky Horror Girl ac0026.jpg
Rocky Horror Girl A/C 0026
Rocky Horror Girl (Space) ac0025.JPG
Magenta (Space)
A/C 0025
Rocky Horror (Magenta) ac0027  .JPG
A/C 0027
Rocky Horror Girl 2 ac0685.JPG
Rocky Horror Girl A/C 0685
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