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Masquerade covers a wide spectrum of costumes and ideas, from the grandiose celebrations for which Venice is famed, the grand masked balls of Georgian/Regency times and populist Carnivals, especially  Mardi Gras, celebrated around the world prior to Lent.

A Masquerade is predominantly about pretending to be something that you are not. Whether you do this by wearing a costume and a true mask, or alternatively a mask of make-up, the Masquerade offers an opportunity to act 'out of oneself' with a degree of anonymity (rather like fancy dress generally).

We have examples of the costumes and masks seen at Venetian Carnival below and you can find more information on Mardi Gras here. For a wider selection of masks of other kinds, click the link below


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After our selection of potentially suitable outfits above, these are some of the incredible creations seen in previous years

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