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Why Hire from Antrix?

  • We want you to enjoy your event and are happy to spend time ensuring you get the right costumes/accessories

  • It is important that you visit us, as we do not hire/sell online

  • Having been in business for over 30 years, we offer you the benefit of help and advice from people who know their subject

  • We can offer ideas, suggestions and products, for most costume, fancy dress and theme events

  • Although we are available most days (not Sundays), it helps if you can make an appointment

  • We take appointments both during the day and on most evenings up to 8pm (6.00pm Mondays and Saturdays)

  • If forward-planning is a problem, it still helps to ring before you arrive, in case we are otherwise engaged, or working ‘off-site’

  • We normally allow an hour between appointments, but if it takes longer, this is not usually a problem, except at particular busy periods

  • Conveniently situated out of town in a private house (just off the main A229), free parking is normally available right outside

  • We have over 2,000 individual costumes in stock.  Most are for hire, though some are for sale

  • Our costumes are sourced from suppliers both in Britain and around the world. In addition,  we have costumes which we have created ourselves or can improvise 'on the fly'

  • All costumes featured on this site are available at our premises and can be tried on, prior to booking them

  • With the possible exception of licensed character costumes, most of the costumes featured on our website are not available online

  • Most of our costumes come complete - with some bought costumes on the internet you have to buy in other accessories and what's in the picture/on the packet isn't always what's in the bag

  • We are happy to hire/sell additional items to enhance the basic costume 

  • We can mix and match costumes and accessories to come up with a look that is unique to you

  • All our costumes are stored on site in a temperature-controlled environment and are cleaned and ‘maintenanced’ after every hire

  • We hope to provide a friendly and efficient service and look forward to working with you

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