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Looking a bit retro-60s this year with Wednesday Addams and The Munsters getting their own shows on Netflix  and Hocus Pocus getting a sequel.

Meanwhile a look at a few of the Horror classics of yesteryear..

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Frankenstein Title.jpg
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Mix ‘n’ Match Halloween Costumes & Accessories Sale

We know that many people choose to create their own unique character for Halloween, but what if you don’t have all the items you need?

That’s where Antrix can help.

Our sale of new and ex-hire Halloween Costumes and Accessories, gives you the opportunity to put together items so that you can be truly unique. Whether you need a wig, a hat, a dress, a tailcoat, a cape, or something else to complete your outfit, why not come along and see what we’ve got?

Please note: We do not sell or hire over the internet. In order for you to take advantage of our Mix ‘n’ Match Halloween Sale, you need to visit our premises. Aside from being open during weekdays and Saturdays, we are also able to offer evening appointments up until 8pm.

Want to know more? Give us a ring on 01622 744711.



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Antrix is the A-Z (almost) of costume hire and theme support in the Maidstone area.

If we can help you with any costumes or accessories, please contact us by phone or email.


01622 744711

for the fastest response. 


We look forward to helping you.

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We have costumes for over sixty themes. For this Halloween page, the trending theme links feature Halloween-style costumes from popular themes

but the links will take you to the full range of other costumes for those themes.

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Cartoons & Animation.png


  • Adult Costumes - Hire fees average £25. A refundable £50 per costume security deposit, is required. Unfortunately putting the deposit on card incurs an additional £2 fee. 

  • Children's Costumes - Hire fees average £15 (A refundable security deposit of £20 per costume, subject to the same terms as above, is required).

Sum-Up Card Symbols.jpg

The A-Z buttons take you straight to the costume pictures and theme headings.

Although we continually update our websites, it is not possible to show everything we have in stock. 


If you are looking for something in particular but cannot find it,

please contact us.

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Card payments must be in person and over £5.00

Sometimes you have a costume theme to work with, sometimes you don't

(and some will ignore it anyway - they didn't want to go to the

party in the first place, so they're going 'as themselves')

If you have a particular (or peculiar) theme event in mind, 

please contact us (details at the foot of the page).

Why come to Antrix

for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs ? 


Free parking (usually right outside).

Ability to ‘try before you hire’

You can mix and match elements to create a unique look


Please note:- We are cunningly disguised as a private house,

so please ring beforehand to ensure exclusive and safe access.

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