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Abba - Blonde BW062.JPG
Starlet Teal & Black 50424xl.jpg

Long and Straight


Abba plus hat BW343.JPG
Segmented Colour Red-Black BW464.JPG
Segmented Colour Purple-Black BW463.JPG
Purple Chill 50905.jpg

The long blonde straight styles (above) are most commonly used for  Agnetha from Abba.

The long black styles are probably most used for Halloween - Morticia, Witches, etc,. although the long coloured styles below have come to be associated with the singer Cher.

Cher- Black.JPG
Gothic Vamp Green-Black 22217.jpg
Black 18in White Streak BW103.JPG

The white-streak look can work for a witch or Lily Munster and the bi-colour black/white works as a Cruella de Ville alternative

Black White Trendy BW565.JPG
BW209 BW210.jpg

An ultra-long eg 60 inch style such as the blonde wig above (which can also be found in Black) can be used for Lady Godiva, a mermaid or similar but needs careful management

Cher - Burgundy.jpg
Cher - Red.jpg
Cher-Blue 20531.jpg
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