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St Nicholas and the Bogey Men

So when does Christmas start for you? Start of shopping as the Seasonal Goods come on sale (late August, then)?  First Christmas TV ad? First time you hear Slade’s festive ditty (or similar)?

For those on the Continent, especially the Dutch, 6th December (St Nicholas’ Day), is the formal start of proceedings. St Nicholas aka Sinta Klaus/Santa Claus is the Patron Saint of Children and in the Netherlands, on that date he arrives by ship from his homeland, (an event usually televised), accompanied by an entourage led by a ‘page-boy’/assistant, Black Peter. This character has caused controversy in recent times due it originally being a ‘blackface’ role, often played by a female (knocks the Anglo-American ‘Perky Pixie’ into a cocked hat). Leaving that aside, the role of this assistant is to act as counterpoint to the goodly saint by threatening punishment  of children who have not met the required behaviour grade.

Black Peter (and similar entities around the Continent)  use the concept of fear to keep the kids in line: In the Alpine countries, notably Austria, the Krampus (large horned bogey-person with rattling chains) seeks out the ill-mannered and misbehaved and either kidnaps them and/or eats them! Rather like Halloween precedes All Saints Day, Krampusnacht, with people dressing as this beast, occurs the night before St Nicholas’ Day. The French have Pere Fouttard (‘Father Whipper’) accompanying St Nicholas on his travels whilst in Germany there’s Belsnickel, a furry man with a mask featuring a tongue. Hence whilst our seasonal songs warble about Santa’s naughty and nice list, the Continentals and thir children take things much more seriously.   

Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs ?


Unique range of of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.


Ability to mix and match costumes and accessories, until you find the look you are happy with.


Adult Costumes - Hire rates average £22 (plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £50 per costume).


Children's Costumes - Hire rates range from £12-£22 (plus a refundable security deposit of an additional £20 per costume).

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Free parking (usually right outside).


Weekday evening appointments available, as well as daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).


Please note:- We are in a private house (cunningly disguised!), so please ring first.


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