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The full selection of Fairies can be found here

Fairies for Halloween.png
Absinthe Fairy
A/C 1107

Sometimes mistaken for Tinkerbell, the Green Fairy is a creative muse associated with the liquid spirit Absinthe. The key ingredient Wormwood, caused it to be banned for a time. Portrayed by Kylie in the Moulin Rouge movie, this is one spirit which can turn nasty

Black Fairy
A/C 1055

Black Fire
A/C 1305

Rocking a Kissed-off attitude, the Black Fire Fairy

Beau Fairy
A/C 1476

With a purple punky look, she’s Beau by name
but not so belle
by nature

Black Fire Fairy.png
Absinthe Fairy.png
Beau Fairy.png
Black Fairy.png
Fairy Goth-mother.png
Fairy Goth Mistress
and friends
A/C 1136 & A/C 1137

Gothic Ballerina.png
Midnight Fairy
A/C 1119 & A/C 1120

We’re not sure what her day job is?
Midnight Fairy.png
Punk Fairy
A/C 1011

Punk Fairy with a celtic vibe

Punk Fairy.png
Purple Black Fairy.png
Black Swan Ballerina.png
Purple/Black Fairy

Another flighty entity with the punky purple vibe

Spider Fairy
A/C 1305

Spider Fairy, bringing a winged look to her web presence

Spider Fairy.png
Wicked Fairy
A/C 0024

Wicked Fairy.png
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