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Welcome to Antrix Costume Hire.
Antrix offers a world of costuming opportunities! Our high quality hire costumes, friendly service and expert knowledge make us the perfect choice for your next fancy dress event. Let us help you stand out in style.

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We have costumes for over sixty themes. The graphic based list is on the A-Z of Themes button or a text-based version is at this link Meanwhile, here are links to some of the major themes of the moment.

Antrix is the A-Z (almost) of costume hire and theme support in the Maidstone area.


The buttons to the right take you straight to the costume pictures and theme headings.

This site can help with ideas for the future and if we can help you with any costumes or accessories, please contact us by phone or email.

Phone 01622 744711 for the fastest response. 


We look forward to helping you

and meanwhile, stay safe...

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Some have a costume theme and wish that there wasn't one - they can make their own choice, and others do not have a theme but wish there was one.(A third group who don't want to go to the party in the first place, but we have been known to win them around!)


At Antrix, for most themes we can offer good choice of costumes for virtually every type of costumed event: A pictorial A-Z  of almost every costume we have for hire can be found by using this link and the A-Z buttons located on this site. 


Meanwhile,  for those planning an event, this site also offers access to a selection of over 60 different theme ideas with appropriate costumes suggestions. Some pages also provide links to further relevant theme information. 

If you have a particular theme event and it isn't featured here, please contact us


Why come to Antrix for your Costume/Fancy Dress needs ?


Unique range of of individual costumes & accessories - primarily for hire, but some for sale.


Ability to mix and match costumes and accessories, until you find the look you are happy with.


Personal service.



Free parking (usually right outside).


Daily appointments from Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays).

Weekday evening appointments also available. 

Please note:- We are cunningly disguised as a private house, so please ring first.



  • Adult Costumes - Hire fees average £25. A refundable £50 per costume security deposit, is required. Unfortunately putting the deposit on card incurs an additional £2 fee. 

  • Children's Costumes - Hire fees average £15 (A refundable security deposit of £20 per costume, subject to the same terms as above, is required).

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Card payments must be in person and over £5.00
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