The Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams were originally an unnamed featured in New Yorker magazine, but the 60s saw them brought to the TV screen with names – Morticia & Gomez, Wednesday & Pugsley, Grandma, Uncle Fester, Lurch the butler, & Thing (a disembodied hand).

Dark and Death Angels offer opportunities for novel improvisation 

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Probably the best known Fallen Angel is Satan, as portrayed in Milton's Paradise Lost. There are, however opportunities for female fallen angels either as black-winged angels or devils

A Banshee is a spirit of Irish folklore known for heralding a person's death by wailing  (or screaming) close to their dwelling.


Baron Samedi is the Voodoo God of the Dead. He also appeared in the Bond film Live & Let Die.

Beetlejuice is a bio-exorcist from the Tim Burton film of the same name.


The Blade series of films featured Weslley Snipes as the supernatural avenger.