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This is an annotated version of the Halloween catalogue, with comments & backstory.
It is in broadly alphabetic order, although some outfits have been grouped - Angels & Devils; Vampires & Draculas; and Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers.
The Grumpy Pumpkin, below, acts as the Halloween Home page, and fast access links to other groupings within this version of the catalogue, are also available.

The Addams Family, created by cartoonist Charles Addams were originally an unnamed feature in New Yorker magazine, but the 60s saw them brought to the TV screen with names – Morticia & Gomez, Wednesday & Pugsley, Grandma, Uncle Fester, Lurch the butler, & Thing (a disembodied hand).


Wednesday is currently enjoying success in her own TV streamed series on Netflix.

Addams Family Grouped.jpg
Morticia (Lycra) JPG200 ac0020.jpg
Morticia (Velvet)ac0021.JPG
Morticia (Lightweight) ac0611.JPG
A/C 0020
A/C 0611
A/C 0221
Wednesday Addams ac0914.JPG
Cousiin It ac1144.JPG
Gomez (Broad Stripe) ac0608.JPG
A/C 0608
Cousin It
A/C 1144
Uncle Fester ac0610.JPG
Uncle Fester
A/C 0610
Nevermore AcadamyPNG.png
Wednesday (Original)
A/C 0914
Wednesday Nevermore Uniform
costumes arriving soon!
Angels & Devils Mk 2.jpg
Brides & Widows.jpg
Cats button.jpg
Fairies for Halloween.jpg
Medusa button.jpg
Poison Ivy button.jpg
Skeleton button.jpg
Vampires & Vampiresses.jpg
Witches & Wizards button.jpg
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